So Can Daytime TV Really Cure Cancer?

My life changed completely on 6th January 2011 during an episode of Escape to the Country.  I was called into a room and told I had a cancerous tumour in my salivary gland.  After that my world was turned upside down.  There was however one constant.  Daytime TV.

Can Daytime TV Cure Cancer? is a light hearted, contemporary, part memoir about my cancer journey.  The story documents my variety of treatments by comparing them to various daytime TV programmes I watched while I was recuperating.

Television, at times, brings people together.  When you are diagnosed with cancer, it not only affects you, but also those around you.  Quite often it was what was on the box that weirdly united us.  Television informed us that there was a world out there that wasn’t dominated by cancer. Can Daytime TV Cure Cancer?  shows that television had a role, showing me that although my life had changed, it certainly wasn’t over.


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